How To Create a Privacy Policy Page for Blogger

How To Create a Privacy Policy Page for BloggerToday, I will explain to you about how to create a privacy policy page for blogger. As most of you already knows, Privacy policy is one of the most important thing that will be required when we apply to join advertising media, for example google adsense, chitika ads and amazon.

Probably, most of you thought that create a privacy policy is difficult and need a long time, but here I just want to change our mind set that make a privacy policy is not hard at all. Guess what? we just can make it easily with the tools that provide facilities to create a simple page of privacy policy.

Let's start, There is no need to write manually and wasting a lot of time, but how? we can use online tools that can generate a privacy policy page automatically. So easy right? OK, I hope this will be the solution for those of you who are confused to create a blog privacy policy.

How To Create a Privacy Policy Page for Blogger

1. Go to

2. Fill in the blank form with your data.
  • Site URL = The URL of your site
  • Email Address = Input your email address
  • Use of cookies = Choose "Yes, we use cookies"
  • Advertiser information = Check the advertisement media that you use
3. Click "Create Privacy Policy".

4. Click "Grab the HTML for this Privacy Policy".

5. Copy all of the Privacy Policy HTML code, then paste it into your new blank page (Blogger > Page > New Page > Blank Page > Post Option "HTML", not "compose" > Published), and do not forget to give a suitable title for the page.

So, that's all for today. All I can say is create a privacy policy page for our blog is not as difficult as we think, hehe, hope this article will help you. Do not forget to read my earlier article about Cara Compress Banner Animasi GIF Agar Blog Ringan. Good luck!

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