Learn How To Start a Website For Free

Learn How To Start a Website For Free
When we think about how to start a website for free, actually there is many ways to do this, we can utilize or use so many platforms that has been provided on the internet. For example, Google as a biggest technology companies right now have a platform that provide a blogging service for free, namely Blogger.

As we know, Blogger has the biggest rival, which is Wordpress that built in 2003, and right now wordpress growing very rapidly, many trusted sites on the internet, such as mashable.com, use wordpress for their platform.

Basically, when we choose the platform of the website, it depends on what we are going to do, is it for personal or proffessional? if it's only for personal use like diary website, I suggest that you should use free website first, there is no need to purchase for paid website. But, if you want to make blogging as a primary job, you must upgrade it to the proffessional website, for example you must have self-hosting and domain.

I must emphasize again that build a website is depends on the purpose, is it for personal or proffessional, it's yours. But, I recommend once again, if you're beginner and start to learn how to build a website for free, you can use free blog for trial and error, before you start your proffessional blogging career.

There is so many choice of website platform, among others, like blogger, wordpress, weebly, bravejournal, blogdetik, edublogs, wiki, opera, and many more. They are actually have the same quality, but most of people use blogger and wordpress, probably because they are well-known and majority platform in the blogosphere.

All I can say is be selective when you build your website, choose the suitable platform for your blogging purpose. If you have any question, you can ask me from the contact page for discuss about how to start a website for free, and don't forget to read my earlier article about How To Create a Privacy Policy Page for Blogger. Good Luck!

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